Claim Free Shreddy Teddy Spray In Valorant In 2022

Valorant players can now claim a free spray in the game. Tournament Spike Nation is giving free sprays to players who will tune into the finals of the Spike Nations Tournament 2022. However, this will be an exclusive spray only for those who tune into Blast’s broadcast to watch the match.

So, here are the simple steps to claim the free Valorant spray.

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How To Claim Free Shreddy Teddy Spray In Valorant?

The process is very simple to claim the spray, but users need to make sure a few things before going all in for the spray. The first and most important thing is to make sure your Twitch account is linked with your Riot ID. This way you’ll be able to claim the reward when progress completes.

Now, coming to how to get the spray for free. [Playuers will need to tune into Blast’s broadcast in order to be eligible for claiming it. Follow these steps:


  • Step-1: Go to the official Spike Nations 2022 live channel
  • Step-2: Watch the finals stream for 60 minutes or more to earn the reward on the Oct 16, 2022, between 11 am – 11 pm CEST
  • Step-3: Once earned, you will get a notification to claim the reward!

By following this simple step, players will become eligible to claim the reward. Moving next, players will receive the spray in their Riot ID and they will be able to check it from the Collections section.

What Is Spike Nations 2022 Tournament

Spike Nations is a Valorant tournament, which will be hosted from 14th October to 16th October. Moreover, 12 EMEA-based teams, comprised of popular esports players and personalities, streamers from the VCT, VRLs, and Game Changers circuits will come together for a charity cause.

A total of 12 teams will compete against each other to raise a total of €60,000 for charity causes.

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