Claim Free Gunbuddy In Valorant By Enabling 2FA

2FA Free Gunbuddy In Valorant: Valorant players will be able to add one more gun buddy to their collection, that too free. Moreover, players will just need to enable the 2-factor Authentication on their Riot ID.

2 Factor Authentication also known as 2FA will keep your Riot account more secure and it’ll send OTP to your registered email ID whenever you log in. Basically, it adds another level of security to your account.

How To Enable 2FA In Valorant and Claim Free ‘Keep It Safer’ Gunbuddy?

Often, players must have spotted a pop on their screen while logging in or on the Riot Client, where it says to enable the 2FA. Now, Valorant has taken another step to promote the 2FA among the players by giving a free gun buddy called ‘Keep it safer’.

2 Factor Authentication was not earlier in the Riot ID, but it was recently added. With the help of this, players can simply keep their accounts safe. But, how do on it?

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To on the 2 FA on your Riot ID, follow these steps:

  • Step-1: Visit the sign In page of Riot
  • Step-2: Log in with your username and password. You can also log in with the help of google, Facebook, or Apple ID, if you’re Valorant account is linked with those platforms.

  • Step-3: After logging in, you’ll find the 2FA enabling message on the very first page.
  • Step-4: Click on enable 2FA and then follow the further steps.

By following this, your Riot ID will have the 2FA and every time when you’ll log in, you’ll have to use an OTP, which will be sent to your Riot ID.

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