Here Are All The Changes Split Map Of Valorant Will Have When It Will Be Back In Competitive Queue

Valorant has teased some changes, which players will see in the Split map when the map will be back in the competitive queue. More details here.

It’s been long since Valorant players played the game on the Split map. The map was removed when the new map Pearl was released. Being one of the oldest maps in the game, the Japanese map is all set to be back in the game, but this time with some amendments.

Valorant’s official Twitter page posted some images revealing some of the changes, the map will have when it will be back. Let’s have a look.

All You Need To Know About The New Changes Split Will Have In Valorant

The post confirmed that the map will be back with the new 6.0 update which is likely to arrive on 11th January. As a result, players will be able to enjoy the map once again. Here are some of the images, Valorant posted via Twitter.

The A Main area has some changes, but not the biggest ones. It looks like there will be a Kingdom logo on the wall which was a wooden finish. Coming on the Tower, the stairs are now changed and are in a different position.

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The second change comes near the B Area.

The rope area has now a different angle, which will make it different for players to camp now and the change is similar to what was on the Fracture A-rope area.

The flower pot is now removed from B Tower, creating some space to hide. However, it will be cleared while playing, now players can jump on the box or not.

Source: Valorant Twitter

The third change is near mid, where the slopes of the stairs seems to be down now and also the height is reduced. However, not everything is clear from this image, so it is difficult to predict anything as of now.

These are some of the changes, which Valorant players will be seeing when Split will be back in the competitive queue. The map is all set to be back in the game with the 6.0 update.

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