Can We Buy Valorant Skins With Fetch Reward App?

Valorant Fetch: Fetch reward has been one of the most trending topics recently, as the app awards users to claim credit points which can be redeemed later. Moreover, Valorant players can now also use the application in order to claim some free credits and Valorant points.

Valorant points is the in-game currency of Valorant game. With the help of it, players can purchase their favorite weapon skins in the game. But, how to claim them via fetch rewards? Let’s know

How To Claim Valorant Skins With Fetch Rewards?

Scanning your receipts on the Fetch app gives users credit. With thehlp of that credit, players can claim Valorant point in the game via gift cards.

Follow these steps:

Step-1: Download the Fetch app on your mobile devices.

Step-2: Now scan your receipts, which will give you around 25 points.

This way, you can collect maximum number of credits and then buy a Valorant gift card from Amazon or XBox.

For amazon, first redeem the gift card and then:

Step-1: Search for Valorant Points in Amazon and select the amount you want

Step-2: Your Valorant Points gift card can be redeemed on the Valorant game

One at least needs 10,000 points in order to claim a gift card of worth $10.

Notably, Fetch doesn’t directly works with the Valorant and this is why the gifts cards are not available directly and you have to purchase from Amazon. So, use the Fetch rewards on your own risk and this article is for information.

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