BMPS Week 3 Day 10 Overall Standings, Points Table And Match Highlights

BMPS Day 10 Points Table: BGMI completed its 10th day of the league stage. As we’re heading towards the end of the league stages, things are getting more complicated as teams from the bottom are pushing hard to finish in the top 16.

The 10th day totally belonged to the teams on the bottom half as most of them tried their best to grab that top 16 spots. Acbc esports bagged 2 chicken dinners to find themselves in the top 16. On the other hand 7sea and Blin esports which were the only two teams in top 16 without a win also claimed a chicken dinner.

BMPS Week 3 Day 10 Overall Standings And Points Table

Orange Rock maintained their top spot and became the first team to collect 500 points in the competition. However, their win count remained stuck on 9 as they didn’t grabbed any chicken dinner.

7sea with the help of 1 win replaced Enigma gaming from the top 8.


For some matches, Blind esports were sent out of top 16 but somehow they managed to bag a win and came back in the top 16. On the other hand, after a great day, Team Kinetic and Acbc esports also found themselves in top 16.

RTR somehow managed to get into top 16, but after few bad performances they end up finishing 17th. However, they still have 8 games to make things up and finish in top 16.

Team INS who were hanging at 16th for a few days, finally dropped into the final chart.

bmps day 10

Match Highlights

Match-1: Erangle (Group A vs Group B)

ACBC won the very first game on the map of Erangle and started their day on a high note. With this win, they found themselves in the top 16. On the other hand teams like RTR, Marcos Gaming, and Initiative academy also collected points in double-digit but it was not enough.

Match-2: Miramar (Group B vs Group C)

Hyderabad Hydras won the game in tough circumstances even though it was a 1vs4 in their favor in the end. However, Hydras managed to bag their 4th game at the very end.

Match-3: Vikendi (Group A vs Group C)

RTR Retribution showed signs of a comeback as they bagged 24 points along with a winner-winner chicken dinner. The team was placed in the bottom 3 before the match but somehow came close to the top 16.

Team Soul kept their top 2 positions despite Team XO finishing 2nd.

Match-4: Erangle (Group A vs Group C)

7sea Esports claimed their first chicken dinner that too in style. Moreover, RTR once again bagged some good points to find themselves in the top 16.

Match-5: Miramar (Group A vs Group B)

Blind esports came back from the graves to  finally win a match in BMPS. However, they spent most of the time in top 16, it was a rough day for the team until this game.

They managed to grab a chicken dinner and make way once again into the top 16.

Match-6: Erangle (Group B vs Group C)

ACBC Esports won the game and almost cemented the top 16 spot. However, they need to maintain the form like this in order to be in top 16 for the rest 2 days.

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