BMPS League Stage Day 12, Week 3: Points Table, Overall Standings And Match Report

BMPS League Stage Day 12 Overall Standings And Points Table: The final day of the BMPS League stage which was Day 12, played in the Week-3 came to an exciting end as now the top 16 teams will be heading for the next round. The league stage kept the audience their head scratching till the very last match as few teams managed to secure their qualification on the last map.

On the other hand, big teams like Soul and XO tried something new and brought some of their substitutions. As a result, fans saw Soul Mortal playing the game after a long long time.

Points Table And Overall Standings After Day 12 Of BMPS 

Orange Rock topped the chart of the overall standings as expected. Moreover, Team SOul finished on the second. 7sea esports remained the only team to qualify for the finals with only one winner winner chicken dinner.

The competition was tough and the scoreboard says it all. Team finishing 14th, 15th and 16th has a difference of only 1 points. Esportswal WSF ensured their qualification by winning the last two games.

Team Blind had te same points as Esportswala WSF and Team Kinetic.

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Match Reports

  • Match-1: Erangle (Group A x Group C)

Team Soul added another winner winner chicken dinner to their list to make it 6 but this time it was Soul Mortal playing in the squad replacing Hector. Soul collected 22 points whereas Autobotz bagged 21 important points after finishing 2nd.

  • Match-2: Miramar (Group A x Group B)

Walkouts stepped up when it was needed the most. Moreover, they bagged a chicken dinner to collect important 24 points to keep their top 16 hopes alive.

Another team from the same zone ACBC Esports managed to secure 21 points and refused to give up their spot this early.

  • Match-3: Vikendi (Group B x Group C)

Although Hyderabad Hydras won the game, it was 7sea and Big brother esports who almost confirmed their top 16 spot with this game. Hyderabad Hydras secured 22 kills, same as 7sea esports and Bug brother managed to secure those important 16 points.

  • Match-4: Erangle (Group B x Group C)

R Esports bagged their 2nd chicken dinner of the tournament on Day 12 of BMPS. Moreover, Blind Esports and Team Kinetic got some good points for themselves which kept them in top 16 for then.

  • Match-5: Miramar (Group A x Group C)

Esportswala WSF clinched victory and somehow kept their hopes alive for the next round. However, if it was too late or not, the answer lay in the next match as they needed a minimum of 17 points more than Blind esports from the last game.

Team Soul bagged the maximum points from the game as they collected

Match-6: Erangle (Group A x Group B)

Esportswala WSF managed to bag another big big win which sent them into the finals of the BMPS Season-1. Almost all the teams from the 2nd chart were surviving till the end but it was Esports wala WSF who won the game.

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