BGMI To Collaborate With Indian Actor Rajkumar Rao? Know What We Can Expect

BGMI To Collaborate With Indian Actor Rajkumar Rao?: NBGMI is all set to bring something new into the game and it has dropped a massive teaser ahead of it. The official Youtube page of the game dropped a 15-second video titled, “Dekho Kaun Aa Raha Hai #CantKeepCalm Ft. @Dynamo Gaming @Snax Gaming @MortaL.”

Later in the video, we can see some of our famous content creators like Snax Gaming, Dynamo Gaming, Mortal and then a man whose face was not revealed. However, the voice revealed all the secrets and it is going to be none other than Bollywood Actor Rajkumar Rao.

What Fans Can Expect From The Upcoming BGMI x Rajkumar Rao Collaboration?

BGMI collaborated with several Indian creators to drop their voice packs. However, one of the most famous creators Naman Mathur aka Naman Mathur is still left behind and we can expect something like this in the future.

So, does that mean Rajkumar Rao’s voice pack coming in BGMI? The chances are not very high but it can be one of the reasons.

Moreover, all the four players can be seen in a squad as the description of the video says, “They have finally found the 4th squadmate! Guess who? 😉”. By this, it means all the three creators will be teaming up with Rajkumar Roa. But for what?

Rajkumar Rao in BMPS?

It is still the teaser and we’ll have to wait for a long time to know what it is actually. Not to forget we have one of the biggest events of Indian esports upcoming in a few days. This might be one of the reasons for Rao’s arrival in the game and he might feature as a guest.

The Finals will begin from June 9th and will end on June 12th. So we might witness Rajkumar Rao and other creators participating in some fun events during the match break.

However, nothing has been confirmed yet and it’ll be interesting to see what BGMI has in their pocket for their fans this time.

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