All You Need To Know About Faze’s Babybay: Valorant Rank, Stats, Teams And Agents

Valorant professional Babybay portrayed his serious dominance yesterday against Sentinels. His outstanding gameplay helped Faze clan defeat Sentinels by 2 wins to nil. Sentinels were shattered by his epic performance. This came during the 4th week of Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) NA Stage 2. Valorant community was impressed by Babybay with regard to his yesterday’s performance.

After yesterday’s match Faze clan ended up at no. 3 position in group B. Whereas, Sentinels are struggling at the last position in the same group. The final standings of all the teams of their respective groups will be excited to watch after the end of 4th week. The 4th week of VCT NA Stage 2 is scheduled to end on Monday .i.e. 6th June.

Babybay Valorant Career 

Andrej “Babybay” Francisty was born on 23rd June 1995. Originating from America, Babybay currently is linked with Faze Clan in Valorant Esports. Previously he is well known as a player of Overwatch.

From the very start of Valorant esports, the player is linked with Faze clan. He officially joined Faze on 4th August 2020.

He is well known duelist in Valorant. Babybay usually acts the same playing Jett or Raze. But recently he has also been seen playing Neon in various games.

Taking track of his record from last 60 days, Babybay has played Jett in his 19 games with the kill death ratio of 1:42. Apart from Jett he has also played Neon in his 5 matches with a K:D ratio of 1:30. Speaking of other agents he has also played Chamber in his 3 matches and Raze in 1 match. With both the agents his K:D ratio is 1:09 and 1:06 respectively.

His total winnings in Valorant esports is approximated to be around $19,050. Babybay is considered as one of the most deadliest player in Valorant for his opponents.

FaZe Clan vs Sentinels

The match took place yesterday between FaZe Clan and Sentinels. They met each other head to head during the 4th week of VCT NA Stage 2.

The first match took place in Fracture. FaZe clan won the match by winning 8 rounds as an attacker and 5 rounds as a defender. Babybay as Neon killed 22 other men during the first round making 5 crucial assists.

The second match took place at Haven. FaZe emerged victorious even during this match. Babybay showed some impressive gameplay during this match. He on his part made 33 important kills and helping his teammates with 2 assists.

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