Does The Night Market Refresh Or Change In Valorant?

Does The Night Market Refresh Or Change In Valorant: Night Market is the best way to get your favorite skins at a discounted price in your collection. Night Market holds a special fan base and hype in the valorant players. But these valorant players have some drawbacks or complaints regarding the night market. Sometimes players stay disappointed due to not getting their favorite skins in the night market.

So, the players stay confused that will the night market will refresh or not? Will you be able to re-roll in the night market or not? Does Night Market of the valorant work the same as the league of legends or not? Well, we are here to answer these questions and simplify these night market concepts for you.

Does Night Market Refresh In Valorant?

Night Market is a discounted market that arrives once in the episode. Each episode has its own night market. The night market usually arrives at the end of the episode when 14 days are left to end the episode.

Night Market does not refresh by any means. You need to select skins from the gives six shards only. Even if you purchase the skins from the given shards they will not show up on other cards or will not be refreshed. So, invest your money carefully in order that you are thinking that will refresh after you purchase any of the skin.

Can You Re-Roll In The Night Market?

Unfortunately, the Night market does not allow the players to re-roll in the night market. Once you opened your night market shards it is mandatory to select skins from those six shards only. The skin shards are completely randomly picked and have different skins and discounts and price tags.

Also, it is important to roll in the night market within a given period of time in which the night market will start and end. You can see the remaining time on the top right corner of your screen in the night market tab.

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Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar
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