Top 5 Fastest Half Century In T20 International Cricket

Top 5 fastest Half Century(50) In T20 International: T20 cricket has revolutionized the game by increasing its pace. Players now prefer smashing sixes and dealing with boundaries. As a result, the matches are far more interesting and thrilling and we have witnessed some quick 50s and 100s.

Scoring half-centuries in T20 matches is an achievement but scoring Half-century swiftly is a challenging task and more beneficial for the team. Audiences appreciate players who are in their form and hit fast centuries and half-centuries. Some players have scored quick 50s in merely a few balls and dazzled the audience with their impressive performances.

Top 5 fastest 50 Runs Scored In T20 International Cricket

  1. Yuvraj Singh

India’s left-handed batsman Yuvraj Singh holds the record for the fastest fifty in T20. The all-rounder scored 50 runs in just 12 balls in unforgettable India vs England match of the World Cup 2007 in Durban on 19th September. Moreover, discord arose between Yuvraj Singh and England’s Stuart Broad in the same match following which Singh scored hit six sixes in six balls.

2. Mirza Ahsan

Mirza Ahsan is a right-handed batsman from Austria. He stands second on the list with his astonishing performance in Austria vs Luxembourg encounter in an ICC continental cup at Ilfov County on 31st August 2019. Further, Ahsan dominated Luxembourg’s bowling line-up as he scored a half-century in just 13 balls.

3. Colin Munro

Colin Munro is a left-handed batsman and all-rounder. Originally born in South Africa, he plays for New Zealand. Munro is one of the greatest batsmen in New Zealand. Colin scored 50 in just 14 balls against Sri Lanka on 10th January 2019 in Auckland. What’s more? He scored 63 runs in just 19 balls leading to a strike rate of 357.14.  In addition, Martin Guptill also hit a quick 50 in just 19 balls minutes before Munro.

4. Ramesh Satheesan 

Ramesh Satheesan is a right-handed all-rounder who plays for the Romania Cricket team. R Satheesan is the 4th player to score the fastest half-century. Originally from India, Ramesh Satheesan scored a half-century in 14 balls on the fields of Sofia in a match against Serbia on 26th July 2021.

5. Faisal Khan

Lastly, Saudi Arabia’s Faisal Khan is a Right-handed batter and bowler. He scored a fast 50 in just 15 deliveries in Saudi Arabia vs Kuwait on the 24th of January, 2019. Moreover, Saudi Qualified for the finals of the tournament with this victory.

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Rupanjal Chauhan
Rupanjal Chauhan
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