This Stat Proves Why CSK Is One Of The Favourite Clubs Of Fans In IPL

Chennai Super Kings: The Indian Premier League (IPL 2022) had witnessed a decline in viewership. According to reports published, viewership of the mega cricketing event has fallen by 28 percent this year.

The report mentioned that the IPL 2022 saw a drop of 33 percent in week 1, while there was a 28 percent drop in week two compared to the 2021 season of the tournament.

Regarding the decline in viewership RPG Chairman Harsh Goenka said “Why Ipl TV ratings are down- the crowd favorites MI and CSK are playing poor-heroes like Virat, Dhoni, Rohit haven’t fired yet-more matches causing fatigue- all matches in Mumbai region, 2 years of watching TV, people prefer to go out, Any other?”

But it seems the matches of CSK are not contributing to the decline of viewership.

CSK has set viewership records this year. Let’s have a look

Chennai Super Kings VS Mumbai Indians (21 APRIL) 

The El Clasico of the IPL ( Mumbai Indians VS Chennai Super Kings )where CSK won by 3 wickets with Dhoni turning back the clock had a peak viewership of 8.3 million on the streaming platform.

This match is the most-watched game this season on the streaming platform which helped boost viewership ratings. After the decline in viewership, this was a massive boost.

Chennai Super Kings VS Royal Challengers Bangalore(12 April)

Chennai Super Kings VS Royal Challengers Bangalore was a feast for the audience as it rained boundaries every over. The game saw 8.2 million peak views on the OTT platform.

Shivam Dubey(94) and Robin Uthappa(88) scored runs each, which helped CSK tea, break their losing streak.

Chennai Super Kings VS Punjab Kings (25 April)

The clash between Chennai Super Kings and Punjab Kings also saw 8.1 million peak views on the OTT platform.

While season 15 of the IPL has yet to break any viewership records, CSK’s performance in the league may help IPL 2022 to make or break viewership records. Afterall, CSK is one of the most followed teams in the IPL

Why CSK Is The Most Loved IPL Team

CSK is the most consistent team in the IPL. The team has a captain who is loved by all and the one who change games in a second.CSK is the most popular IPL team in India with 40.9 million fans. Its loyal fanbase of 22.5 million people is almost the same as the entire fanbase of football in India.


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Harsh Vinayak
Harsh Vinayak
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