CONFIRMED: Indian Government Bans Free Fire Along With 54 Apps

Garena’s Free Fire has been handed a ban by the Indian Government. Earlier, we reported that the government has decided to ban 50 clone apps, but now the number has come out to be 54 and Free Fire is on the list.

Indian Government banned more than 250 apps back in 2020 including some famous names like TikTok and PUBG Mobile. Let’s know more about the ban in detail.

Free Fire Now Completely Banned In India? 

According to ANI, the Indian government has now banned 54 other apps under the 69A of the IT Act. However, in ANI’s post, they haven’t mentioned the Grena Free fire name.

However, in another leak, where we can see the list of all 54 banned apps, one can see Garena Free Fire on the list.

This confirms that the Indian government has now banned the game in the country due to security reasons.

Earlier, it was said that all of the apps are clone apps of a few apps which were banned in 2020. But now, it’s confirmed that 47 cloned apps along with 7 others are now banned in the country.

Why FreeFire Banned?

Earlier, the game was removed from the Google play store and Apple store, fans speculated that it might be some sort of glitch. But then many complained of purchases not making an app crashing.

This was a huge setback for the developers as both the game, Free Fire and Free Max were down.

The government is yet to make a statement on the banned apps. However, the list mentioned above confirms that the game is now unavailable is now banned in the country.

Free Fire is one of the most favorite battle royale mobile games for Indian fans. Earlier, the government banned a similar battle royale game in 2020 named PUBG Mobile. Notably, the game is now back in the country after making changes.

What’s your take on the free fire ban? Let us know in the comment section below.

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