Classic Crate In BGMI: When Will Classic Crate Will Be Available/Coming In BGMI?

Classic Crate In BGMI: BGMI is the most player Battle Royale in India. And it also offers a bunch of stuff like gun skins, outfits, vehicles skins, and much more. To obtain these things, players have to open crates like Premium crates or Classic crates. But players don’t know when will classic crates will be available or coming in BGMI.

BGMI is already up with its latest update which is the v1.9 update. Players thought after releasing this update Classic crates will be available to them. But Krafton hasn’t introduced it yet.

When Will Classic Crates Will Be Available or Coming

Classic crates opening is one of the best ways to get Mythic and Legendary items in-game. And players are eagerly waiting for this because BGMI has removed classic crate opening from the game.

No classic crate

Players can see classic crate is not live yet

The Classic crates will be going to available to the players after introducing M9 Royale Pass. Currently, the game is on M8 Royale Pass, which is going to end by 21 March. The M9 Royale Pass will be available to the players by 23 March (expected).

What We Get When Classic Crates Will Be Available

The upcoming classic crates right after the end of the M8 royale pass will offer much exciting stuff. The Legendary and Mythic Items in the upcoming classic crates are going to be:

  • Coyote Rider Set
  • Throne Trooper Set
  • Slime Tech Helmet
  • Throne Trooper Mask
  • Slime Tech Mini 14
  • Coyote Rider Cover
  • Throne Trooper Headgear
  • Throne Trooper Backpack
  • PurPink Set
  • PurPink Mask
  • Armored Hunter Mirado

And much more stuff will be introduced with classic crates for BGMI players.

Overall Conclusion

classic crate

Players don’t know when will classic crate will be available or coming but they have to wait patiently. We can expect that it will be live in the game between 23 March to 25 March. By that time players can keep on collecting silver fragments. And from these fragments, they can purchase Classic Crate Coupon Scraps. Which will further become a complete classic crate (1 Coupon) after combining 10 coupon scraps.

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