Breaking: T1 BGMI Professional Player Enigma Saggy Accepts Hacking Allegations On Him, Full Details Here

One of the famous Esports team Enigma’s professional players Enigma Saggy has accepted his hacking allegations. Saggy accepts that he used third-party apps to improve his game performance and gain popularity.

Indian Gaming Community(IGC) has stated that Enigma Saggy has been banned from the gaming community has he will not be allowed to take part in any BGMI tournaments and scrims.

How Enigma Saggy Got Caught Of Hacking In BGMI?

Everything started when Saggy started his live stream and there, users found out from the app minimize section, that he had 2 BGMI running in his device. Later in clarification, he said, it was a glitch and why anyone will hack with org’s device.

Later on, the questions became bigger when he almost disappeared from the playing scene. To which he said, he has his college and he will come back.

But on March 5th, from a chat, it was confirmed that Saggy was hacking in BGMI tournaments and he accepted while talking to someone on Instagram.

After clarification, a few of the players stated that Saggy was using Winious zero which is a similar application used for hacking. Winios Zero not only makes the game optimization high but it is also a type of application that doesn’t demonstrate the hack while live streaming or recording.

Saggy accepts hacking allegations


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Before S8ulsid started showing the proofs of Engima Saggy’s hacking allegations, Saggy told the audience that he was not playing for a month because of the reopening of the college and attendance issues, he also denied all the facts of him using hacking apps.

But as after Sid started posting a series of stories about Saggy’s hacking allegations, Enigma Saggy sent a private message to S8ul sid apologizing for what he has done. Saggy also accepts his hacking allegations and said that he become greedy and is guilty of it.

Saggy also said that he need another chance to prove himself and confirmed that he will never use hacks to optimize his game and performance.

He also stated that his organization Enigma or any other player doesn’t know about him using hacks during the tournaments and scrims.

This type of third-party app is harming the gaming community and making the morale down of the players who are hardworking and genuine in the game”, says IGC.

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