BMSD 2022 Day 2: Points Table, Overall Standings And Match Report

BMSD Day 2 Points Table: The Battlegrounds Mobile India Showdown Day 2 came to an end. The league stage is 3 days and is already done with its second day. The 24 invited teams play 6 matches each day in a round-robin format.

Here is the points table, overall standings, and match report of BMSD Day 2.

Overall Standings And Points Table

After a stirring Day 2, once again Team OR Esports grabbed the top position with 119 points and this time with 1 chicken dinner. Surprisingly, Team XO again follows OR Esports with 107 points with no wins.

Team Hyderabad Hydras managed to hold yesterday’s third position acquiring 97 points. Skylightz and Soul managed to secure 1 chicken dinner each. Team Skylightz secured 94 points standing at 4th position and Team Soul secured 47 points standing at 16th position.

BMSD Day 1 Match Report and Points Table

Match 1 – Sanhok (Team Soul)

Fans’ favorite Team Soul finally showed some action and won the first match of second day with 8 finishes. Team Orangutan secured second position with 10 finishes and Global Esports third position with 11 finishes.

Match 2 – Erangle (R Esports)

R Esports claimed chicken dinner for the second match with an overall 10 finishes. Global Esports also showed splendid performance and secured second position with 8 finishes. Followed by TSM which was dominated and completely cleared by R Esports but still managed to reach top 3.

Match 3 – Miramar (OR Esports)

Table-topper OR Esports back to the game in the third match on the desserts of Miramar and clinched WWCD with massive 18 finishes. Revenant with 8 kills finished in second position while Skylightz with 3 kills finished in third position.

Match 4 – Erangle (Hydra Esports)

This was counted as a crucial chicken dinner for Hydra Esports which helped them to make their entry into the top 5 of the overall standings. Hyderabad Hydras managed to grab 12 points and Team Soul grabbed 10 points in the fourth match of Day 2 of the BMSD.

Match 5 – Miramar (Skylightz Gaming)

Once again Skylightz gaming showed why they are in the top 5 and named the fifth match’s chicken into their account. Skylightz Gaming with 10 kills, finished Team XO, Global Esports, and 7seas in the final circle.

Match 6 – Erangle (Global Esports)

Global Esports won the last chicken dinner on second day of the showdown with 10 finishes. 7Sea and INS managed to hold on to their second and third places respectively with 12 and 3 kills, followed by Hydra.

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