BMPS Week 3 Day 9 Points Table, Overall Standings And Match Reports

BMPS Week 3 Day 9 Points Table: The final week of the BMPS League stage of Season 1 started on June 2nd and all the 24 teams battled in 4 different games. This is going to be the final chance for the teams to finish in the top 16 as only 3 more days are left.

The 9th day totally belonged to the teams who were placed on the 2nd and 3rd list. Moreover, Team Gog, Autobotz, and Team Kinetic performed well and grabbed some important points to keep their top 16 hopes alive.

BMPS Week 3 Day 9 Points Table And Overall Standings

OR Esports maintained their top position followed by Team Soul who performed well compared to week-2. Hydra official slipped one position as Nigma Galaxy replaced them on 4th with the help of the WWCD they tasted on the last game.

After finishing the day on a strong note, Enigma Gaming found themselves in top 8.

bmps day 9
Team Soul bagged their 5th Chicken Dinner on the map of Sanhok after denying OR’s 10th

Big Brother Esports and 7 sea esports showcased yet another consistent performance. However, Team Kinetic and Autobotz esports made their way into the top 16.

bmps day 9
7sea and Blind esports are the only teams in top 16 without a WWCD

The battle between teams placed from 16th to 22nd looks close as the difference is only of 24 points. So, teams placed on bottom will try their best to utilize the rest of the three days in order to finish in top 16.


bmps day 9
Walkouts are only 1 point behind Team INS who are placed 16th

After a strong performance on Day 9 of BMPS Season 1, Gog esports and Marcos gaming are not very much far behind the top 16 spot and it looks like it can be achieved in three days.

Match Reports

  • Match-1: Erangle (Group A x Group C)

Global Esports started the week and day in style as they grabbed the chicken dinner in the very first game. Global esports bagged 25 points which was the joint highest from the match. Gog esports also collected 25 points as they finished 3rd with 15 kills.

  • Match-2: Miramar (Group A x Group B)

Marcos gaming in an attempt to finish top 16 bagged their 2nd chicken dinner of the tournament and that too on Miramar. Moreover, the team collected a total 23 points from the game but this was not enough to take them into the top 16.

Another team in the bottom 8, Autobotz Esports finished 2nd and made it into the top 16 in overall standings after the game. It seemed clear that teams were trying their best to get out of the relegation zone.

  • Match-3: Sanhok (Group B x Group C)

Team Soul’s Akshat single-handedly denied Orange Rock’s 10th chicken dinner on the map of Sanhok and gifted Team Soul their 5th winner winner chicken dinner.

However, OR finished on top of the points table with 24 points after the game whereas Team Soul had only 4 kills making their total point tally to 19.

  • Match-4: Erangle (Group B x Group C)

Another team from the bottom 8 stepped up when it was most needed. Team Kinetic came on top in the final circle against Hydrabad Hydras and Team Soul to clinch their first chicken dinner of the tournament.

  • Match-5: Miramar (Group A x Group C)

Enigma Gaming became the 2nd team of the day who won their first game in the BMPS Season 1 on 9th Day of BMPS. However, the team was sitting in a comfortable position but this victory cemented their spot.

Autobotz Esports once again performed well on the 9th day and finished third.

  • Match-6: Erangle (Group A x Group B)

Nigma Galaxy had the last dance as they grabbed the final chicken dinner of the day. They finished 3rd however in the overall standings with 20 points behind Gog Esports and Enigma Gaming.

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