BMPS Week 3 Day 11 Schedule, Groups Playing, Day 10 Overview and When And Where To Watch

 BMPS Week 3 Day 11 schedule: Today is the second last day of the Battleground Mobile India Pro Series(BMPS) league stage. Teams are showing their best game as the race to finals is on the way. The experts of the game predicted that matches are going to be more intense.

Here is the schedule, groups playing, and when and where to watch the BMPS Week 3 Day-11.

BMPS Week 3, Day 11 schedule

Day 11 will emerge as the most crucial day in the league matches. As teams are dedicated to marking them in the finals. The league stage matches schedule format will remain the same. There is a total of six matches will be conducted and each group will play three matches each.

The schedule for Week 3 Day 11 is as follows:

  • Match 1: Group B vs C – Erangel, start time 4.40 pm
  • Match 2: Group A vs C – Miramar, start time 5.32 pm
  • Match 3: Group A vs B – Sanhok, start time 6.24 pm
  • Match 4: Group A vs B – Erangel, start time 7.22 pm
  • Match 5: Group B vs C – Miramar, start time 8.14 pm
  • Match 6: Group A vs C – Erangel, start time 9.03 pm

BMPS teams playing and groups division on Week 3 Day 11

There is a total of 24 teams playing this week, these teams have been divided into three groups:

Group A

  1. Global Esports
  2. Enigma Gaming
  3. Team INS
  4. GOG Esports
  5. Hydra Esports
  6. Team Autobotz
  7. Retribution RTR
  8. WSF Esports

Group B

  1. OR Esports
  2. Initiative Academy
  3. Big Brother Esports
  4. Blind Esports
  5. Nigma Galaxy
  6. Marcos Gaming
  7. Walkouts
  8. ACBC

Group C

    1. R Esports
    2. FS Esports
    3. 7Sea Esports
    4. Hyderabad Hydras
    5. Kinetic
    6. Team XO
    7. UP50
    8. Team SOUL

BMPS Week 3 Day 10 overview

Team OR is in a hurry to mark them as one of the main contenders for winning the trophy, they are still standing at the top with 505 total points including 259 position points and 246 total points.

Team SOUL standing in the second position with 424 total points. Team XO made their comeback as they are standing in the third position with 421 total points.

Fans’ favorite Hydra Official is back to the tank as they are standing in 5th position with 358 total points.

Team Blind Esports is also in the race to the finals as they are now standing in the 15th position with 264 total points.

Team MG Esports and Team UP50 Esports are still standing on the bottom of the notable after week 3 day 11.

When and where to watch 

The live streaming of Week 3 Day 10 will be on the BGMI official youtube channel and on the loco app from 5:30 pm IST.


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