BMPS Finals Day 2: Points Table, Overall Standings And Match Report

BMPS Finals Day 2 review: The Battleground Mobile India Pro Series(BMPS) Finals Day 2 has ended. Team SOUL again dominated the lobby and holds their top spot. Team Global Esports and Enigma Gaming also showcased their skills. Fans Favourite Team XO again failed to deliver as per the expectation on Day 2.

Teams playing in the finals: Orange Rock, Team Soul, Global, Esports, Team XO,7Sea Esports, Hydra Official,lBig Brother Official, Enigma Gaming, FS Esports, Hyderabad Hydras,R Esports, Nigma Galaxy, Autobotz Esports, Team INS, EsportswalaXWSF, Team Kinetic.

Overall standings and Points Table After Day 2 of BMPS Finals

Team SOUL again demonstrates themselves as the main contenders for the trophy whereas they are still holding the first place with 161 total points and three chicken dinners.

Extraordinary gameplay was shown by Team Global Esports as they are standing in the second position with 128 total points followed by Team Enigma Gaming in the third with 119 total points.

Fans favorite Team XO again failed to back to track as they finished in 7th position in the overall points table after Day 2.

Team Kinetic and R Esports are at the bottom of the points table with 45 and 35 total points respectively after BMPS Finals Day 2.

Match Reports 

  • Match 1- Erangel (Global Esports) 

Global Esports makes the first move and grabs the chicken dinner in the first match. This chicken leads them to stand on the top in the overall points table after the first match of BMPS finals Day 2.

  • Match 2 – Miramar (Big Brother Esports)

In the High voltage match where Big Brother Esports claims the chicken dinner, moving forward they are now standing at the 6th position in the overall points table after the second match of Day 2.

Match 3 – Sanhok (Team SOUL) 

After a few close matches Team SOUL finally managed to grab a chicken dinner in the third match. Now they are back to the top followed by Team Global Esports and OR Esports in the 2nd and 3rd position respectively after match 3 Day 2.

  • Match 4- Vikendi (Enigma Gaming) 

Enigma Gaming won the fourth match which suddenly changes the table for them. They are now standing in the 2nd position in the overall points table whereas Team SOUL holds the first position after the 4th match of Day 2.

  • Match 5- Erangel (Global Esports) 

Team Global Esports cliched the second chicken dinner of the day. This chicken dinner helps them to surpass Enigma Gaming and grab the 2nd position in the overall points after the fifth match on Day 2.

  • Match 6- Miramar (Autobotz Esports) 

Autobotz Esports grabs chicken dinner from nowhere in the sixth match of BMPS Finals Day 2.

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