BMPS Finals Day 1: Points Table, Overall Standings And Match Report

BMPS FINALS DAY 1 Point Table: The Battleground Mobile India Pro Series(BMPS) Finals started on 9th June and end on 12th June. The four-day final round where Day 1 has already been ended. Team SOUL started the race to finals in their own way and became the table-toppers on Day 1. Team OR and Enigma Gaming also showcase their talents on the Day 1 of the finals.

Here is the points table, overall standings, and match report of BMPS finals Day 1.

Overall Standings And Points Table

Team SOUL is in a hurry to lift the trophy as they became the table-toppers on Day 1 with 81 total points and two chicken dinners. Team OR is also in the race for the trophy as they are standing in the second position with 71 total points followed by Team Enigma Gaming in the third position with 66 total points.

Global Esports and FS Esports played well and grab some crucial points. They are standing in the 4th and 5th position in the overall points table.

Fans’ Favourite Team XO looks down as they failed to get in the top 5. They are standing in the 8th position with 45 total points.

R Esports and Team Kinetic are standing at the bottom of the points table with 22 and 11 total points respectively after Day 1 of the finals.

BMPS FInals Day 1 Match Reports

Match 1- Erangel (Global Esports)

Global Esports started their final round on a good note as they cliched a chicken dinner on the first match. Team Or Esports and Team WALFAREXWSF finished at 2nd and 3rd position on the first match of BMPS Finals Day 1.

Match 2 – Miramar(Team SOUL)

Team SOUL made their move and grab the chicken dinner in the second match followed by Team Global Esports and OR Esports in the second and third position in the second match of BMPS Finals Day 1.

 Match 3- Sanhok (Team SOUL)

Back dinner by Team SOUL as they are now completely dominating the lobby with their gameplay. Team Global Esports and OR Esports gained failed to grab the chicken dinner as they finished st 2nd and 3rd positions.

Match 4 – Vikendi (FS Esports) 

 Team FS Esports finally showcase their gameplay and managed to win a chicken dinner on Day 1 of BMPS Finals.

Match 5 – Miramar ( Hyderabad Hydras)

The fifth match had been on by Hyderabad Hydras as they are looking to back on the track. They had made 20 finished in this match no.5.

Match 6- Erangel ( Enigma Gaming) 

Enigma Gaming finally managed to win a chicken dinner and take some crucial points to then in the sixth of BMPS finals Day 1.

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