BMOC Rules And Scoring System, Points Distribution: Full Details on Rules, Scores And Prizes

BMOC Rules, Scoring System, And Points Distribution: BGMI has already started registration of its first tournament as per the 2022 esports roadmap. BMOC will be the first tournament in this roadmap, followed by 3 more and the collective prize pool will be 6 crores.

We here focus only on the BMOC rules because Krafton laid down a bunch of them in this tournament. Without wasting time let’s see what rules have been laid down for players.

BMOC Rules, Points Distribution And Scoring System

Players can register themselves through the BGMI app or from the official website. If anyone finds it difficult, then we have already made a complete guide on the registration for you.

To know full details of the registration process click on the link mentioned below.

Click here

BGMI has issued an official competition rulebook for Open Challange. The rules for BMOC are as follows:

1. Players Eligibility:

  • Each player must attain 16 years of age or more to participate in the tournament.
  • All players must have 25 levels in-game with Platinum V Tier before the registration ends.
  • All players must be the citizen of India
  • Players have to provide Gov ID at the time of registration for Address proof.
  • A team member or coach is only allowed to compete for one Team only.

2. Overview

  • BGMI’s first tournament is the Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge (BMOC).
  • There will be an in-game qualifier in which teams will compete.
  • BMOC players are required to play 15 matches with their registered team members over the given time period.
  • Based on the results of 15 matches, the top 10 will be evaluated and scored.
  • If a tie occurs, certain parameters will be taken into consideration, such as finishes, survival times, accuracy, etc.
  • A maximum of 512 teams will advance to the next round.





03/14 to 03/27

In-Game Qualifiers

To Be Declared

512 Teams Qualify

Online Qualifiers (BMOC)

To Be Declared

32 Teams Qualify

Quarter-Finals (BMOC)

To Be Declared

24 Teams Qualify

Semi-Finals (BMPS)

To Be Declared

16 Teams Qualify

Grand Finals (BMPS)

To Be Declared


3. Scoring System

  • 3.1 Scoring: Scoring for each Tournament Game will be based on each Team’s final finish count and in-game placement.





















  • Every finish is worth 1 point*
  • 3.2 Tiebreakers:
  • Ties between two Teams during Official Competitions will be determined in the order of:
      • (a) The number of times the first place was won across all the Tournament games;
      • (b) The total placement points earned across all Tournament Games in the relevant Tournament;
      • (c) total number of finishes across all Tournament Games in the relevant Tournament; and
      • (d) a team’s position in its most recent match.
  • 3.3 Compensation Point:
      • Two points will be awarded to the team as Compensation Points if a character gets pulled back up to the sky with a parachute before landing and gets finished by an enemy team if encountered during the second landing or within 60 seconds of the second landing.
      • The player who has been affected must report to the tournament admin on one’s team channel on one’s chosen platform within 3 minutes after the character has been completed and record the game screen and submit it within 30 minutes after the final match of the day.
      • The tournament admin will check the file for confirmation and grant Compensation Points. No Compensation Point will be given out without a screen recording file unless it can be confirmed by another way.

4. Prizes

  • Prizes may be awarded to successful teams and individual players.
  • As a general rule, prizes won by a Team or player are delivered directly to their Owners. (Owners shall divide the prize and pay it to players and others who contributed to the victory)
  • Winners of a prize in the Tournament will not be officially recognized as winners until:
      • (a) Under applicable law, the Team or player is eligible to receive the prize;
      • (b) KRAFTON requires winning players to execute (or have their parents or legal guardians execute) an affidavit of eligibility, a liability release, and/or any other documents.
  • If the prize documentation is not signed and returned to the Tournament Officials within 90 days, the prize may be forfeited and lost.
  • Prizes that are not claimed after a reasonable time may be forfeited.
  • All taxes associated with the receipt or use of a prize are the sole responsibility of the winners.
  • Cash prizes will be awarded (Prizes are not transferrable).

So these were the rules regarding the general tournament, scoring system, and prize distribution laid down by Krafton. Hope players will find it useful.

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