BMOC Grind Qualifiers: Point Table, Qualified And Eliminated Team

BMOC Grind Point Table: The first tournament of this year by BGMI has ended its first stage: The Grind – Qualifiers. BMOC The Grind is the scrims for the main BMOC tournament and the in-game qualifiers are about to start on 4 April. Players who don’t know about the rules and scoring system Click Here.

In The Grind, 32 invited teams will compete in 3 tier robin-round format. The first being Qualifiers, then League Stage, and lastly Finals. 32 teams will compete in the Qualifiers, in which 24 teams will advance to the League Stage. Without any further due let’s move on to the teams that are in the top 24.

BMOC Grind: Point Table And Top 24 Teams

Here is the point table after completing the first stage of BMOC The Grind: Qualifiers. These are the top 24 teams who made it to the next round: League Stage.

list 1

list 2

list 3

These teams will now advance to the next round of The Grind: League Stage.

BMOC Grind: Eliminated Teams

This is the list of the eliminated teams in the first round of The Grind: Qualifiers. These teams also played very well but were not able to make their spot in the top 24.

BMOC The Grind: League Stage

After the end of the first stage of The Grind, the top 24 teams will advance to the League Stage. In League Stage, the top 24 teams will compete with each other to make their tickets in the top 16 to move to the next round: Finals.

The 24 qualified teams will be divided into 3 groups. The matches are played in a round-robin format over four days. A team earning a spot in the next round must finish in the top 16 at the end of Day-4.

In the Finals, 16 teams will face each other and there will only be One Champion at last.

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