All You Need To Know About BMOC Grind: Invited Teams, Schedule, Format, When And Where To Watch

BMOC Grind Invited Teams and Format: Our favorite battle royale BGMI don’t delay any tournaments. So in the case of its first tournament from the Esports Roadmap 2022: BMOC (Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge, It has already put out official dates all over social media.

After the announcement by BGMI officials about the tournaments, BGMI players are eagerly waiting to cheer their favorite teams in The Grind. So the wait is over now, it has been officially confirmed. The battle for BMOC Grind begins on 31 March 2022.

Know About BMOC Grind: Format And Invited Teams

The Grind: Schedule

BMOC Grind Invited Teams

The Qualifiers begin on 31 March in which 32 teams will face each other. At last 16 teams will head to the finals. But, there’s much more in it, will look into it further.

The Grind: Qualifiers

the grind qualifiers

This will the first stage in the BMOC: The Grind. In this stage, all the invited 32 teams will compete to get into the top 24. Divided into 4 groups, held for 4 days, in a Round-Robin format. The round-robin tournament format involves each player or team playing every other player or team.

The Grind: League Stage

the grind league stage

In the second stage, the League stage will be preceded by the Qualifiers. In this stage, the 24 qualified teams will be further divided into 3 groups. Like the Qualifiers, this event will take place over four days with round-robin play. A total of 16 teams will be qualified for the finals.

The Grind: Finals

BMOC Grind Invited Teams

This will be the third stage of The Grind after the League Stage. The top 16 teams will now compete to be on the top of the Leaderboard. In a series of 24 games, the winner will be the only team that wins the championship title: “The Champion”.

Invited Teams In BMOC Grind

BMOC Grind will start on 31/03/2022. The 32 invited teams compete for the title and bragging rights. The Top 32 teams will compete in The Grind for three-stage and there will be only one champion at last.

Unveiling groups for the Battlegrounds Mobile India – The Grind. Teams that are invited for scrims are:

  1. Skylightz Gaming
  2. 7 Sea Esports
  3. Global Esports
  4. Soul
  5. Chemin Esports
  6. Reckoning Esports
  7. Marcos Gaming
  8. Chicken Rushers
  9. TSM
  10. 8BIT
  11. FS Esports
  12. Nigma Galaxy
  13. Orangutan Esports
  14. Team Celtz
  15. Big Brother Esports
  16. Hydra Official
  17. Team XO
  18. OR Esports
  19. Team X Spark
  20. True Rippers
  21. Blind Esports
  22. Team Enigma Forever
  23. Inside Out
  24. Team Mayhem
  25. Godlike Esports
  26. Revenant Esports
  27. Enigma Gaming
  28. R Esports
  29. Team Insane
  30. Hyderabad Hydras
  31. Revenge Esports
  32. Entity Gaming

So here is the complete list of the teams that are going to compete in a 3 Tier Stage in BMOC: The Grind. Get ready to cheer your favorite team!

Players who don’t know the rules and formats of BMOC and in-game qualifications click here.

Where To Watch

Players can watch BMOC The Grind just by visiting the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India. There will be an Esports option on the menu, from there players can catch the matches live. Or else players can watch the live matches from the official youtube channel of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection for no interruptions. And then you are ready to go to cheer up for your favorite team in The Grind.

The Grind: On Air

Players are already excited about The Grind and even more excited after the reveal of the top 32 teams. But the startle doesn’t end here, there’s more to this. Introducing the voices of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA OPEN CHALLENGE – THE GRIND.

  • SPERO (@sperocasts)
  • MAZY (@_mazys)
  • SARDARJI (@sardarjiyt)

A deep understanding of BGMI and their proficiency in it. A unique experience is waiting for you when you hear them live. These three are going to be on-air commentators for BMOC: The Grind.

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