BGMI Roster Changes: Godlike Confirms New Member, Slayer Adds VLT In His Name

One of the best teams of BGMI, Godlike Esports confirmed that now they’re going to make additions to their roster. After struggling in PMGC, the search for a new member took pace, and now it seems that Godlike have found one.

Godlike Esports is a team, which is known for its gun power. But, when it comes to IGLing and rotation, the team has often found themselves on the backfoot. And, the placement points from most of the tournament make the statement strong, as they have more kill points than the placement points.

Now, it seems like, the problem is coming to an end. Ghatak mentioned that they have found their new member for Godlike and he’s going to be a part of the playing 4. To make it more interesting, he gave a hint that he is in the competitive scene for a long time and no one can guess it coming. 

Before the announcement, the rumors were strong that Godlike is searching for a new IGL. Now, the search some to an end, and we’ll be able to watch this aggressive team under a new IGL very soon.

The comment section of such highlight videos and even on the stream were filled with guesses. Many speculate Smokie is going to be the new IGL, few think it will be Owais. However, it’s not confirmed yet, but we can never deny Seervi as a candidate, as he holds strong experience in the game and is a [perfect fir for this team. Drop your guess in the comment section below, but before that let’s have a look at some more rumors.

Godlike IGL, Slayer To VLT, Skylightz New Member

Recently, Team IND was acquired by Velocity Gaming. Slayer was a part of Team IND, but he made his move to Global Esports to appear in the BGIS. Moreover, after a disappointing performance in BGIS, Snax decided to part ways, making space for Slayer to join back. And now, it seems like Slayer is back with his old squad, as he was seen playing with the VLT team, that too with a ‘VLTSlayer’ name.

Another player of Global Esports, Dark was also seen playing scrims with BGIS champion team Skylightz Gaming. Destro left Skylightz Gaming to join Chemin Esports. Now it seems like the Dark is going to replace him at Skylightz Gaming.

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