BGMI professional players, Scout, Jonathan, Sensei and Other React To Enigma Saggy Hacking Allegations

Esports players Scout, Jonathan, And Sensei reaction to Enigma Saggy hacking allegations: 

In recent times hacking has been seen quite often in the Indian gaming community. Many professional players like Forsaken in CS GO, Xhade in Valorant and now Enigma Saggy has been caught in the hacking allegations. According to their statements, these players use hacks to gain easy popularity and a shortcut to success which completely ruined their gaming career.

After Enigma Saggy accept the hacking allegations against him, the Indian gaming community started reacting to this controversy. Many professional Esports players like Scout, Jonathan, Sensei, and others react to Enigma hacking allegations.

Esports players Scout, Jonathan, And Sensei reaction on Enigma Saggy hacking allegations

1. Scout

Professional Esports player and famous YouTuber Scout said that this is not a good way to earn fame. Now, this dark side looks bright but if you come close to reality, there is only darkness, using hacks is only ruined your life and career.

 2. Jonathan

According to Jonathan, the Krafton officials should take some action on this matter and made their anti-cheats more advanced, so that these types of activities should be avoided and the game should run peacefully.

3. Sensei

Sensei states that it is hard to see someone(Saggy) who is doing good and getting fame in esports using shortcuts, one can get early success with these shortcuts but it will remain with the lifetime. Everyone should do hard work like Scout and Jonathan and then success will remain till their death.


Ultron mentioned that these new kids need to think that life is not easy and one should achieve their goals with hard work. Saggy used shortcuts that lately ruined his entire gaming career.

5. 8bit Goldy

8bit Goldy stated that no one should ever take the name of these players who use hacks to earn popularity. This is good that these players do not represent India on the global stage otherwise they make our country shame internationally.

6. Owais

Owais said that maybe Saggy is not the only one who use hacks, he also said that he has doubt about many players and if this hacking is common in India then the Indian Gaming Community will be far lagged behind the world. This type of hacking offense should be stopped and a barrier should be made on these types of players.

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