All You Need To Know About BGMI Player Snax: Teams, Earnings And BGMI ID

Raj “Snax” Varma is a BGMI professional player. He is one of the veterans at the game and is very popular among the fans. Snax is well known for Hyderabadi accent along with great skills and entertaining streams. Recently, he made a move and joined Team XO after leaving Velocity gaming. Velocity gaming was a new team, with players acquired from Team IND.

So, let’s know more about Snax in detail.

BGMI Player Snax: Teams, Earnings, And BGMI ID


Snax is one of the players who are in the professional since a long time. Moreover, he played the first PMCO with the team Learn from Past. Later on, the team was acquired by Megastars and was renamed MegaX.

Snax came into the limelight when he pulled out a 1 vs 4 to win the game in one of the T1 practice rooms hosted by Villager Esports. Since then, the assaulter never saw back and went on to become one of the best players in the game.


Snax’s first team was Learn from past. Later on, he joined Megastars with his teammates and continued till PMCO fall. After a disappointing performance in PMCO fall, he decided to switch teams and joined IND.

He remained in Team IND for most of the time in his career. In 2020, PUBG Mobile was handed a ban by the Indian government, but still, Snax and his teammates stick together and continued with the team until BGMI Launched.

Later on, Team IND released its players, and Velocity gaming acquired the lineup. Snax played BGIS with Velocity gaming, but after a disappointing performance in the tournament, Snax decided to step down from the roster. He joined Team XO who were the runner-up in the BGIS finals.


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  • Learn From Past
  • MegaX
  • Team IND
  • Velocity Gaming
  • Team XO


Snax’s BGMI ID 585127130. Players can send him popularity and friend request by searching him by this name in BGMI.


According to liquipedia, Snax has earned more than $11,770 from the game. However, this is the earning only from winning, excluding the salaries, sponsorships, and Youtube.

Snax Social Media

Snax has a Youtube channel where he has more than 1.17 million subscribers. In the initial days, he used to post tips and tricks videos and helped players improve at the game.

He is also very much famous for his DP burst fires.

Snax is also a streamer on Loco and has more than 500k followers there. One can follow him on Loco by clicking on the link mentioned below.

Snax Loco link

One can join his discord server by clicking on the link mentioned below.

Snax Discord

Snax also owns a Facebook page, where he has 2k likes. However, the page seems not to be very active.

Snax Facebook 

So, these were all the details about BGMI player Snax. If you have any query about the information, or want to know anything else, you can drop a comment in the comment section below.

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