BGMI M9 Royal Pass: Know All The Rewards Details And Release Date Of The Royale Pass

BGMI M9 Royal Pass Release Date: Krafton is bringing the upcoming Royale Pass with the latest v1.9 update. BGMI fans are eagerly waiting for the latest royale pass, and the rewards being offered in it.

As in every royale pass in BGMI, the M9 royale pass also have 50 rewards for every 50 levels. Both Elite and normal royale pass players will receive exciting offers. But players having Elite royale pass will receive epic and mythic items in it.

All The Rewards Of BGMI M9 Royal Pass

BGMI M9 Royale will be the nine-month Royale Pass. Few missions will be assigned to players and by accomplishing these missions they will receive RP points. These RP points will increase the levels in Royale Pass.

There are 2 upgrades in the Royale Pass. The Elite Royale Pass is 360 UC and the Elite Plus Royale Pass is 960 UC. Players can unlock all elite rewards and elite missions with these upgrades.

Players having Elite Plus Royale Pass will be directly moved to the 12th level as a reward including 300 RP points, ultimately making them move to the 15th level. The Royale Pass doesn’t end here, players will receive respect points, frames, and other exciting rewards.

Players having Elite Royale Pass will receive 300 RP points with exclusive perks and respect points.

Let’s move ahead to the RP rewards in the M9 Royale Pass.

PUBG 1.9 Update apk

  • 1 RP: Fluorescent Flash Set and Ancient Heirloom PP-Bizon Gun Skin
  • 5 RP: Fluorescent Flash Cover
  • 10 RP: Atlantic Tech Helmet
  • 15 RP: Archery Dance Emote (Free) and Atlantic Tech Grenade
  • 20 RP: Atlantic Tech Parachute (Free) and Atlantic Tech Ornament
  • 25 RP: Street Racer Set (Free)
  • 30 RP: Atlantic Tech Finish and Wukong Emote
  • 35 RP: Amethyst – QBZ Gun Skin (Free)
  • 40 RP: Primeval Relic Kar98K
  • 50 RP: Wukong Prime Outfit and Excalibur Umbra Set

BGMI M9 Royal Pass Release Date

The M8 royale pass will end on 21st March, which means players can enjoy the new M9 royale pass from the 22nd of March. However, BGMI officials haven’t confirmed the dates yet, but the royale pass will be available to players right after the end of M8 RP.

How To Increase RP Levels

1. The most common and easiest way to complete Royale Pass levels is by completing RP missions as mentioned above. To get RP points players will be assigned some missions. After successful completion, players will get RP points. RP cards are useful to skip unwanted missions in the game.

NOTE: RP points differ in each mission and each level is 100 RP points.

2. Other than that, one can buy 100 RP points (1 level increment) from the in-game store using UC.

3. One can increase their level in RP by crate opening. Yes, players can open Supply or Premium Crates to earn 10 RP points for each crate opening.

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