BGMI M8 Royale Pass: Know All The Rewards Details And Release Date Of The Royale Pass

BGMI M8 Royale Pass will be soon available In the game and fans are excited to know what’s coming. As usual, the new royale pass will have 50 levels and players will receive rewards for each of them.

BGMI players will need to purchase the Elite Royale pass to claim exciting and other rewards in the game. So, without further a due, let’s have a look at the rewards of the BGMI M8 Royale pass this season.

All The Rewards Of BGMI M8 Royale Pass

BGMI M8 Royale was will be the eight-month Royale pass, where players will be completing the missions to claim exciting rewards.

There will be two upgrades available in the royale pass, one for 360 UC which will be the Elite Royale pass, and the other for 960 UC, which will be the Elite plus Royale pass.

In the Elite Royale pass, players will immediately be able to collect rewards till level 12 and they will be rewarded 300 extra Royale pass points. Which will make their RP level 15 immediately. Along with these, there will be other rewards such as respect points and frame.

For the Elite upgrade, players will receive 200 Royale pass rewards and will be able to collect the elite rewards.

Now let’s move forward and see what are the rewards for the M8 royale pass in BGMI.

  • 1 RP: Play Date QBU Gun Skin
  • 5 RP: Cactus Constable Head Gear
  • 10 RP: Magic Box Backpack Skin
  • 15 RP: RP Avatar Frame
  • 20 RP: Moo Moo Grenade Skin.
  • 25 RP:  Slobby Shirt (Free)
  • 30 RP: Scarlet Ranger Emote
  • 35 RP: Eagle’s Will UMP45 Gun Skin (Free).
  • 40 RP: Peak Performance Scar-L Gunskin.
  • 50 RP: Scarlet Ranger Outfit and Scarlet Ranger Cover

M8 RP Release Date

The M7 Royale pass will end on 17th February. This means players can expect the new battle pass from 18th February. However, the dates are not confirmed yet, but these are the most expected dates when the players will be able to buy the royale pass.

How To Increase Royale Pass Level

The easiest way to increase the Royale Pass points is to complete the missions. Players can complete the missions by playing games or using RP cards which helps the players to skip missions.

Other than that, one can buy ranks to increase the Royale pass points. This will cost some UC and to increase 1 level, players require 100 UC.

Another way to increase the Royale pass is to open Classic or Premium crates. Other than this, there are creates also that offer 10 Royale pass points on one crate opening. So, one can open creates to increase their RP points.

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