BGMI M10 Royal Pass: Know All The Rewards Details And Release Date Of The Royale Pass

BGMI M10 Royal Pass Release Date: Battlegrounds Mobile India is all about surprise. Krafton is always consistent in bringing new updates and royal passes every season. This time also it is ready to go with the new M10 Royale pass.

We have some leaks of the latest M10 Royale Pass which we will be sharing with you. Along with it we also tell you about the exciting rewards which will be included in the M10 Royale Pass. Let’s see when we will get this M10 Royal Pass and crazy rewards for the BGMI players.

Upgrades For BGMI M10 Royale Pass

As in every royale pass in BGMI, the M10 Royale Pass will also have 50 rewards for every 50 levels. Both Elite and Normal royale pass players will receive exciting offers. Those who have the Elite Royale Pass, however, will receive epic and mythic items.

BGMI M10 will be the tenth-month royale pass. As usual, few missions will be assigned to players and when accomplished, players will receive RP points. These RP points will help players to level them up in the royale pass.

There are 2 upgrades in the Royale Pass. The Elite Royale Pass is 360 UC and the Elite Plus Royale Pass is 960 UC. All elite rewards and elite missions can be unlocked with these upgrades. Players having Elite Royale Pass will receive 300 RP points with exclusive perks and respect points.

As a reward, players with Elite Plus Royale Pass will be transferred directly to the 12th level, gaining 300 RP points. This makes them reach the 15th level. Furthermore, players will receive respect points, frames, and other exciting rewards as a part of the Royale Pass.

All The Rewards Of BGMI M10 Royal Pass

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Let’s look into what BGMI is going to offer players in the upcoming M10 Royale Pass.

  • 1 RP: Pink Shelter Set and Pink Shelter Skorpion Gun Skin
  • 5 RP: Pink Shelter Cover and Pink Shelter Mask
  • 10 RP: Pixel Bolt Backpack
  • 15 RP: Stomp Ground Emote (Free) and Raging Bomb Ornament
  • 20 RP: Monster Chef Parachute (Free) and Dream Butterfly Grenade
  • 25 RP: Casual Stroll Set (Free)
  • 30 RP: Lush World Plane Finish and Infernal Chef Emote
  • 35 RP: Blue Tint – M16A4 Gun Skin (Free)
  • 40 RP: Graffiti Wall -AKM Gun Skin
  • 50 RP: Infernal Chef Set and Infernal Chef Cover

BGMI M10 Royal Pass Release Date

The M9 royale pass is going to end on 19 April, which means players will get the M10 from the 20th of April. However, BGMI hasn’t yet confirmed the date, but the royale pass will be available upon the conclusion of the M9 Royale Pass.

How To Increase RP Levels

  1. Completing RP missions, as mentioned above, is the most common and easiest way to complete Royale Pass levels. In exchange for completing these missions, players will be rewarded with RP points. Players will also get some RP cards which will help players to skip unwanted missions.
  2. In addition, one can purchase 100 RP points (1 level increment) through the in-game store by using UC.
  3. Players can also increase their RP with the help of crate opening. Each time a player opens a Supply or Premium Crate, 10 RP points can be earned.

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