BGMI LAN “ALL STAR INVITATIONAL” Overall Rankings and Prize Pool Distribution

BGMI LAN “ALL STAR INVITATIONAL” event has ended on 29th April where Team Solo Mid(TSM) lift the trophy and give memory to enjoy for their fans. On the other hand Team XO, Hyderabad Hydras, and Revenant Esports also played well making this event more entertaining.

As this is the first LAN event of the BGMI gaming community, the officials of this event have rewarded the participants with a massive amount of money. Here are the overall rankings and prize distribution in the BGMI LAN ASI event.

Overall rankings of the teams

As this is a LAN event where only invited teams have participated, so each match is intense and worth watching, the teams give their best in this event. Here are the overall rankings of the teams.

Team Solo Mid stand on the top and become the champions with 199 total points in 15 matches including 4 chicken dinners.

The second position has been grabbed by Team Hyderabad Hydras who claimed a total of 165 points in 15 matches including 2 chicken dinners.

Team Revenant Esports finished at 3rd position in the overall points table as they scored a total of 163 points including 2 chicken dinners.

4th- Team XO (163 points)

5th- Skylightz Gaming (149 points)

6th- Team Insane Esports ( 146 points)

7th- Enigma Gaming (138 points)

8th- Rivalry Esports (87 points)

9th– 8bit (85 points)

10th– OR Esports (83 points)

11th– 7SEA Esports (81 points)

12th- Team Enigma Forever (75 points)

13th– Global Esports (69 points)

14th- Godlike Esports (64 points)

15th- Blind Esports (55 points)

16th- Team X Spark (49 points)

BGMI LAN “ALL STAR INVITATIONAL”: Prize money distribution

The total prize money presented in this BGMI LAN “ALL STAR INVITATIONAL” event is 55 lakhs INR where the winner will get a total amount of 25 lakhs INR. The distribution of the prize will vary from 12 lakhs- to 20,000 INR as per the overall rankings of the teams.

15th-16th: Team X Spark and Blind Esports :20,000 INR

12th-14th: Team OR, 7SEA Esports, Team Enigma Forever, Godlike Esports: 30,000 INR

9th-11th:8bit :40,000 INR

8th:Rivalary Esports :50,000INR

7th: Enigma Gaming: 60,000 INR

6th: Insane Esports: 80,000 INR

5th:Skylightz Gaming:1,10,000 INR

4th: Team XO: 1,50,000 INR

3rd:Revenant Esports: 5,00,000 INR

2nd:Hyderabad Hydras: 12,00,000 INR

1st:TSM: 25,00,000 INR

MVP of the tournament: TSMNinjaJod: 1,00,000 INR

The BGMI LAN event is now ended but the Esports experts and officials claimed that there will be more such events in the upcoming days.

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