BGMI 2022 Esports Roadmap Announced: Know Everything About Upcoming Tournaments And Prizepool

Battlegrounds Mobile India, also known as BGMI is one of the most loved battle royale games in India. The esports scene of BGMI makes the game more special and now the organisers have finally announced the roadmap for 2022 year.

As of now, BGMI has only seen one tournament since its release which was the Battlegrounds India series. The tournament was a major success despite being the first and now 4 other tournaments will carry that legacy. So, let’s have a look at the upcoming BGMI tournaments.

Upcoming Tournaments For BGMI Revealed In 2022 Roadmap

The Youtube channel of Battlegrounds Mobile India 2022 dropped a video which announced everything about the roadmap.

After the major success of the Battlegrounds India series, players will have 4 new tournaments where they can compete. The first tournament will be Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge, also known as BMOC.

The second one will be Battlegrounds Pro Series Season-1. There will be two seasons of the Pro Series and the second season will be the last tournament of the year. Before the Pro Series Season-2, another edition of Battlegrounds India Series will be played.

Know Everything About BMOC

Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge will be of the tournaments where no invited teams will be there. All the teams will be selected through online qualifiers.

The top 24 teams from the BMOC will play against a few invited teams in the first season of the Pro Series. Not much has been revealed about the BMOC prize pool, but the expected prize pool is around Rs.1 crore. 

The registrations for the Open Challenge will begin at the end of February 24. And from the online qualifiers, a total of 524 teams will qualify for the next round.

There will be a total of 3 Rounds in Open Challenge and the remaining 24 teams from the last round will qualify for the Battlegrounds Pro Series Season-1.

However, the winner of the Pro Series will play in the PUBG Mobile World League or not, is not yet confirmed. But earlier, the winner of BGIS played in the PMGC, which means, something similar can be expected this time too.

Prizepool Battlegrounds Mobile India 2022 Esports

Battlegrounds Mobile Pro series will have a total of two seasons and both season will have a whopping prize pool of Rs.2 crore. 

Notably, the overall prize pool for the Battlegrounds Mobile esports for the 2022 year will be around Rs.6 crore rupees.

What are your thoughts on the Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports roadmap, let us know in the comment section below.

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