Best Gun Combination to Rank Push In BGMI In C2S4 Season For Every Map

Battel Royale game is all about winning, and to win the most obvious thing is the combination of guns being used. Talking about Battel Royale, BGMI is the top leading mobile game in the Indian market right now, and after bringing spider-mode into the game, marvel and sony fans are also connected to the game.

So, what does it take to reach on top in BGMI? Let’s have a look at some of the best combinations one can use which will make their game easier to reach the highest title in the game.

Best 5 Gun combination in BGMI For Rank Push-In C2S4 Season

  1. M416 and Mini 16

M416 is a G.O.A.T (Greatest Of All Time) gun which uses 5.56mm bullets, either you pick it up for short-range or mid-range, it will deliver the exact spray you need with a few attachments like Compensator(optional) + Vertical Grip +  Stock.

Mini 16. Mini 16 is one of the best DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) in-game which uses 5.56mm bullets, as it has the lowest recoils among this section, which allows it to take down running enemies (at far) much easier than any other DMRs.

*Using guns of the same ammo combination will help you larger space in the bag, less confusion in picking up ammo, lesser time for loot, and much more.

2. AKM and AWM

AKM aka beast in close-range is one of the best guns to clutch a whole squad using extended mag and a compensator, paired up with holographic sight or red dot. The gun uses 7.62mm bullets.


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AWM is the only single bolt rifle gun in-game that can take down enemies at far with a single shot on the head. AWM uses 300magnum bullets.

3. M762 and DP-28

M762 which uses 7.62mm bullets, delivers critical damage with great speed which makes it a perfect gun for close-range.


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DP-28 also uses 7.62mm bullets and is easy to use and inflects high damage. DP-28 is the most stable LMG (Light Machine Gun) in BGMI and can be used to take down long-range enemies with a single spray.

4. Groza and MK-14

Groza is a fan favorite gun of BGMI players who love close-range fights; it uses 7.62mm bullets, delivering 853m/s bullet speed with a damage of 49 HP. Groza is paired best with the red dot or 2x sight.

MK-14 is a lethal gun while talking about close-range as it delivers 853m/s bullet speed with damage of 62HP. Mk-14 which uses 7.62mm bullets can be used as a close-range as well as a long-range weapon as it comes under the DMR segment.

5. Uzi and VSS

Uzi comes under the segment of SMG (Sub Machine Gun) uses 0.45mm bullets and gives enough damage to take down enemies quickly in close-range. Recommended using with extended mag only.

VSS (Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya) is a 0.45mm DMR gun that can be used to kill enemies without revealing your position.

This is the most underrated yet effective combination which can be used while rank push in BGMI because all that matters is Winner Winner Chicken Dinner at the end.

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