Best 5 BGMI Players In India For 2022

Best 5 BGMI Players In India For 2022: BGMI is now the big shot of gaming community in India. As the Indian version of PUBG, old players from it also joined this game. Many new players made their place among the best BGMI players too. The popularity of the game and its professionalism also leads to healthy competition.

The competition to be the best BGMI player. Here is the list of the top 5 BGMI players in India for 2022.

Top 5 BGMI players in India for 2022 

5. Akshat

One of the most emerging esports players Akshat has made everyone to be a fan of his gameplay during many BGMI tournaments. Akshat’s first appearance in esports is with Team 8bit where he showed a glimpse of his potential. Later on, he joins Chemin Esports and cliched many records under his belt.

Aksaht is now one of the crucial members of the New SOUL Lineup. The management and fans appreciate his fragging and surviving skills on the SOUL lineup.

4. Jonathan 

One of the most famous personalities in Esports India and professional BGMI player Jonathan. Without a second thought, he has one of the best game skills and knowledge. Despite the fact that his current team Godlike Esports is going down. But his capabilities have always been seen through his game.

Jonathan had been associated with many Esports teams but he gets the name and fame when he was signed by the Orange Rock Esports where he shows the Indian Gaming Community his capabilities. Currently, associated with Goldlike Esports as a front Assaulter.

3. Aditya

The 17-year-old Aditya is now one of the most popular fraggers in the Indian Gaming Community. Aditya is known for his reflexes and high gun power capability. Aditya started his Esports journey by playing with U-Mumba Esports. Later on, signed by Team X Spark where he gets the opportunity to play with his ideal Scout.

Aditya is now associated with the Orange Rock Esports. Aditya is the main reason behind the mass success of the OR in the esports tournament. Recognized as MVP in most matches and considered to be the most dangerous assaulter in the esports community.

2. Goblin 

Goblin is the most aggressive player in the current Indian Gaming Community. The high assaulting capabilities and aggressive approach made him one of the hardest players to overtake in a one-on-one battle.

Globin first appeared in the esports science with Team NewSt. Later on, signed by many teams like THUG and Insane Esports. Globin is now playing the new SOUL lineup as a front assaulter.

1. Snax 

As one of the top players at BGMI, Snax masters assaulting and is best at mid, close, and long-range combat. It has been a long time since Snax has been a part of the Indian Esports Community. When IND signed Snax, the world saw his skills for the first time. Later on, he has involved as one of the best fraggers in India.

Snax is currently playing with Team XO which is one of the popular Esports Teams that groomed players. Many Esports experts and casters marked Snax as a player who will represent India at the International level.

These are the top 5 best BGMI players in India for 2022. We marked them on a scale of 1-5 according to their skills, achievements, and game knowledge. The list can be varied from each perspective.

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