AWM vs AMR, Better Gun for Long-Range Combat in BGMI in C3S7 Season For Rank Push

The craze among BGMI players after the 2.1v update is unmatchable. This update has introduced a new weapon into the arsenal: Lynx AMR (bolt-action sniper rifle). Lynx AMR had turned the tables completely due to its immense power, but will this sniper overtakes the classic AWM. AWM is the most preferred sniper for long-range combats till date.

Here, we are going to compare both snipers from an overall perspective right from base damage to availability. Let’s see which gun will be better for long-range combats and rank push.

AWM vs AMR, What To Choose In BGMI For Rank Push?

In recent days it became a topic of argument, whether to play with AWM or AMR. So, let’s have look at what are the advantages and disadvantages it gives to players when they use it.

1. Damage & Range

As a sniper from elite category both the gun has very high base damage. AWM has a base damage of 105HP whereas AMR has a base damage of 118HP, clearly, AMR wins the battle of base damage. But base damage alone cannot decide whether it’s best suited for long-range combats or not.

AWM has a bullet speed of 936m/s and AMR has a bullet speed of 900m/s. Not very surprising that both the sniper have the same range of 1100m.

2. Rate of Fire & DPS (Damage Per Second)

In terms of the rate of fire, AMR leads with 100 rounds per minute whereas AWM has a rate of fire of 27 rounds per minute. Lynx AMR lets players to tap consecutively like DMRs in BGMI.

AMR damage per second is also greater than that of AWM, which means players can knock down enemies much quicker while using AMR.

3. Ammo Capacity

Both AWM and AMR have limited ammunition. AWM fires .300 Magnum bullets and can hold 5 bullets (no mag) & 7 bullets (extended mag). AMR fires .50 Caliber bullets and can hold up to 5 bullets only.

4. Attachments

The new Lynx AMR has a preoccupied bipod for stability and room for scope as an attachment. The legendary AWM has attachment slot for muzzle, magazines, and scope. Equipping AWM with these attachments makes it a beast weapon for long-range combats.

5. Disadvantages

When it comes to weapons, we cannot just focus on their advantages only. There are a few disadvantages of AWM and AMR to know these in more detail.

  • The Lynx AMR comes with 5 bullets (pre-occupied) & extra 5 bullets only.
  • AWM per bullet loading time is very high.
  • No attachments other than scope is provided in Lynx AMR.
  • AWM has a lower rate of fire which gives a disadvantage for finishing enemies.


The AWM and AMR are both equipped with impressive specifications and contain massive power to eliminate enemies in a single blow.

Talking about taking enemies down, AMR works for long as well as mid-range counting because of its rapid rate of fire. And due to the lower rate of fire AWM is only suitable for long-range fights.

We don’t know will BGMI developers tend to continue the availability of Lynx AMR anymore or if it’s just an exclusive weapon for this season.

Also, using AWM gives you the advantage of getting up more ammo than AMR. As players can get AWM from airdrops as well as can purchase it in exchange for shop coupons found all over the map. On the other hand, AMR only consists of 10 bullets in total and players cannot find its bullets anywhere else.

We hope you now have a better understanding of the differences between AWM and AMR, and which gun you will prefer on the BGMI battlefield.

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