Are Valorant Servers Down Today? Know When They Will Be Back

Valorant Servers Down Today: Valorant players tackled several issues in the game today (September 24th) mainly on the login page, as they were not able to login. Moreover, the game is not working for many players as of now and it is stuck on the login page for many.

According to several reports, it is confirmed that the servers of Valorant are down today and players are not able to play the game. The most tackled issue is that the players are all stuck on the loading page, or if they are on the home page, they cannot find a match.


Why Valorant Servers Are Down Today?

Valorant servers are down, but there are no official announcements made by the officials of the game. However, players who are able to login in the game are able to see a message on the left top corner saying Valorant is working on the issue.

Players on Twitter are asking for any explanations, but the game seems to be down for more than 30 minutes now.

When The Servers Will Be Back

Most probably, the game is down due to server issues and it’ll be fixed within an hour or two. However, nothing can be said unless something official comes, but in many cases, the servers come back in an hour or 2.

Are Servers Down Due To Valorant PBE 5.07 Testing?

There are a lot of updates going on in the Valorant PBE and the updates are being tested. However, the test is being run in the PBE servers of the NA region, so there can’t be a reason of servers being down in APAC, Mumbai, or in Europe.

As of now, players have only the option to wait for the servers to be back because there have been no official statements made by Riot.

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