All You Need To Know About Valorant’s New Agent BountyHunter Leaks: Release Date, Abilities Origin And Agent Type

Valorant’s New Agent BountyHunter Abilities Leaks, Release Date, And Agent Type: Valorant has never disappointed it’s players in bringing up new updates after every episode. Hence, some of the teasers are out there who claim the invasion of the new agent’s arrival. The new agent code name will be BOUNTYHUNTER. This new agent was teased by one of the officials of valorant Floaxay on his official Twitter handle.

At last, Floaxay said in Turkish ”Herkesin bir korkusu var.” which means Everyone has a fear and ended the tweet.

New Agent In Valorant: BountyHunter Release Date, Possible Abilities Leaks, And Agent Type

The agent is more likely to be an initiator. The picture in the above tweet was named jpg.lokum and lokum which is a sweet dish in Turkey. So it is more likely that the agent’s origin is in Turkey.

Some theories about BountyHunter are out there that the agent places a totem to gain information about its surroundings. It is more likely the power of placing a totem is gained from the league of legends.

A data miner named shiick was the first to find out the above ability of the new agent. The 20th agent of the valorant has a code name “BOUNTYHUNTER”. Shiick officially announced his research on his Twitter handle on March 23rd.

Some of the interesting facts about BountyHunter

Once the Viper said, “Cypher’s network is invaluable, but it’s a crutch. It doesn’t replace our need for agents in the field. We’re losing, Brim. If we’re going to survive, we need more information. We need more eyes,”. It is more likely that the officials have heard the viper’s voice and they are trying to overcome this statement of the viper.

Release Date And More

The new agent is more likely to be seen on 26th April 2022 with the release of episode 4 of act 3. The act will be consist of the new battle pass and skin bundle in this update. BountyHunter has a high possibility to change the upcoming meta in the competitive scene as the agent has the chance to replace some of the most important information gatherers such as Sova and Cypher.

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