All You Need To Know About Fade, The New Agent Of Valorant

Valorant has always impressed its players with its new updates portraying innovative ideas. Skins, maps, agents and improved graphics attract Valorant community the most. In the new update scheduled it is expected that Valorant will introduce a new agent named Fade. According to the leaks hopefully Fade will act as an initiator in the game.

The new agent is expected to be active from Episode 4 Act 3 update scheduled to release around 26th April 2022. Apart from Fade, exciting changes in new battle pass is also expected. Riot has never failed to excite its players each time it brings a new update. Hopefully, the new update will also see a huge number of positive responses.

FADE: The New Valorant Agent?

During Episode 4 Act 1 of the game, Valorant released a new agent Neon. Since then we haven’t got any new agents in the game. The arrival of a new agent in the upcoming update will go by the name Fade and hopefully, she will be an initiator alongside Sova, Breach, Skye, and KAY/O.

Although Riot hasn’t made any official statement yet few leaks gives us various information about the new agent. However, few weeks back Riot released a video hinting us about a new agent in the game.

Fade Skills And Abilities

Valorant leaks provide us with all the abilities of the new agent. However, Riot hasn’t made any confirmation regarding the agent. Therefore, Fade skills and abilities might differ from the one presented now.

Valorant upcoming new agent "Fade" abilities, role, and release date

Here is the list of all abilities equipped by Fade:


    Equip and fire which will send a creature out traveling in a straight line looking for enemies AND/OR Trails. Move the mouse holding fire to steer the creature in the direction you are facing. On finding an enemy the creature will move towards them. Once it reaches the enemy it will create a cooktime for 0.5s which will Nearsight the enemy for 3s. Only one Creature can latch onto a TRAIL ever.

  • SEIZE:

    On pressing the desired key it will equip an orb which needs to be thrown. The orb after flying in air for 1.5 secs will stick on to the ground. After a cooktime of 0.5 secs it will create a zone expanding upto 7m. This will eventually bind the enemies in the centre. The captured enemies will suffer a decay damage of 75, will become deaf and will not be able to leave the zone for 5s. It Can be reactivated in flight to drop earlier.

  • HAUNT:

    Equip and fire an orb. It will also travel in air for 1.5s before hitting the ground. Upon hitting the ground it will once again rise up in form of an eye which can be destroyed. On finding an enemy the eye will reveal them and will create a TRAIL debuff for 12s. It Can be reactivated in flight to drop the projectile earlier.


    Fade’s ultimate ability will be known as Nightall. On using, it will create a wave of darkmist. If the darkmist catches an enemy it will Trail, Deafen and Decay them for 12s.

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