All You Need To Know About Benita Valorant: Rank, Teams And In-Game Settings

Benita Valorant Rank, Teams, And Settings: Valorant has given a platform for the gaming community to showcase their talent. Various girl gamers have emerged in recent times. One of such talented gamer emerged is Benita Novshadian. Known as “bENITA” in the gaming community, SHE was born on 7th December 1992. She is an American Player of Armenian descent.

Previously she was with the team Counter Logic Gaming Red which used to play Counter strike: Global Offensive (CS: Go).

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Achievements and Valorant Rank Of Benita

In one of Benita’s streams, her nightbot mentioned her rank to be #340 on the leaderboard with 86 wins (till 30th March), on Radiant Rank. Her ranked rating is considered of 582.

Benita won many major tournaments and currently is considered one of the best girl gamer in the world. Her achievements are mentioned below which prove her dominance in the gaming community.

  • She achieved 1st rank in C tier Super Girl Gamer Pro-Fall 2021: Championships held on 20th November 2021 with a score line of 2:1 .
  • bENITA secured 4th rank in C tier GIRLGAMER challenge North America with a score line of 7:13
  • In DarkZero #GoingPink Charity Event she emerged victorious securing 1st rank with a score line of 2:0
  • She secured the 2nd position in B-tier VCT 2021: Game Changers North America Series 1 score line being 3:0
  • bENITA was again crowned winner of Knights Sakura cup #1 by winning it by 3:2.
  • ANEW Valorant Women’s open tournament is also where she secured 1st rank in C-Tier with an amazing score line of 2:0.

Apart from these, she has also won other major tournaments held between 2020-2021 proving her dominance.

Benita’s Teams and Agents

Benita has played for some teams mentioned below. She has been one of the key players in every team she has been part of.

  • CLG Red:  CLG Red announced its all-women roaster with Benita as the in game leader(IGL) or the captain of the team. However, after 7 long years of her journey, she has decided to part ways from the team.

  • PROJECT X: She has also been a part of PROJECT X with her other team members including Naomi, Rise, Zoe, Ematics, Arianarchist
  • GX3: Apart from the above-mentioned teams she has also been a part of GX3. Along with her Missharvey, Clawdia, Potter, Alimonstr were also the part of the team.

Benita as a player mostly uses Breach as her main agent. Apart from Breach she also plays other agent mentioned below.

AGENT                          USAGE                          K:D

  •                      BREACH                           63.6%                        0.72
  •                      CHAMBER                        18.2%                        1.02
  •                      REYNA                              9.1%                        0.76
  •                      SOVA                                9.1%                       0.47

*All the mentioned results are of last 60 days.

Gears and Specifications

  • Monitor: BenQ XL2410T
  • Refresh rate: 120 Hz
  • Mouse: Razer Deathadder 2013
  • Mousepad : Razer Goliathus Speed (Large)
  • Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow Chroma (tournament edition)
  • Headset: ASTRO A40 TR

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