All New Career Mode In BGMI: How To Download And Play

Career Mode In BGMI: Most played battle royale in India: BGMI, is about to introduce a new mode in the game. The developer Krafton keeps on bringing new updates to make it more realistic. Recently it has launched the latest v1.9 update of the game. And also started the first tournament’s scrims: BMOC THE GRIND.

What is this new career mode in BGMI? What it is, how players can download it and how to play this mode. We cover every inch of this mode. Let’s see how can we jam this mode like a pro.

Career Mode In BGMI: Introduction

BGMI Officials have uploaded videos on Youtube and Instagram as well. Players can visit Its official Youtube page or Instagram to watch the video.


In this video, we came to know that BGMI added a new mode named Career Mode in BGMI. With a new spawn island and upgraded loots where you can get level 3 pieces of equipment and A+ loots all over the map. And also mentioned that it will be available to some players only.

Said that it will be an Alpha Update with all new metaverse and loot token too. From these tokens, players can purchase guns, attachments, and many other lootable items from the vending machines. And also have an NFT marketplace.

Download And Play Career Mode In BGMI

As per the information provided in the video, players will receive an update one after another. Or can be said it will be a slow process to get that update to everyone. Also mentioned is that the update is also introduced in the Andriod as well as iOS phones.

Players have to wait to get their updates. Most likely players will get this update in their app stores. After getting this update players can easily download this update and play the latest Career Mode in BGMI.

Verdict On New Mode

If you watched the video and are a regular player of BGMI, you can get that BGMI introduces updates for eveyone. It never introduces any updates to some particular players. And introducing so much loot and enormous features that players can upgrade their weapons as needed is hard to believe.

So is the video fake? Not really. If you see the videos on Youtube or Instagram, it was uploaded nearby 12 AM means after entering 1 April. You all are smart enough that on 1 April we enjoy making fools of everyone. Yes, it’s April Fools Day; childish enough but effective on BGMI fans and players. We can say that many players are being fooled including Sahil in the video.

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