Airdrop Armored Vehicle In BGMI: Know How To Get, Travel Range And How To Complete The RP Mission

Royal pass(RP) missions in BGMI are one of the most attractive things to watch out for. After completing the RP missions players will get extraordinary rewards which is a delight. One of the most exciting mission has been added in the game where players have to use the Airdrop Armored Vehicle.

Here are the details about Airdrop Armored vehicles in BGMI, and how to get them and complete the RP mission.

What Is Airdrop Armored Vehicle In BGMI?

The Airdrop Armored vehicle is completely different from other vehicles. Gives players an advantage over the other vehicles as it is fully bulletproof. As a result, players can travel around the map without getting a single scratch on them. The Airdrop Armored vehicle is also known as BRDM-2.

The only disadvantage of the Airdrop Armored vehicle is its slow speed, being durable against gunshots overcomes this disadvantage for a while. The travel range of this Armored vehicle is 1600 m when its fuel tank is full.

How To Get The Airdrop Armored Vehicle In BGMI?

The Airdrop Armored Vehicle is available in both classic and arcade matches including all maps like Erangel, Sanhok, Vekindi, and Myanmar but this vehicle is only summoned by using the flare gun.

Players have to keep this thing in mind that the Airdrop Armored can only be summoned when the flare gun is used outside the blue zone. As everyone knows that flare gun is used to get elite-level loot when shot inside the circle. So this is the only cache here to summon the airdrop armored vehicle in BGMI.

Make sure you shoot the flare in an open area so that the vehicle won’t be stuck on the roof or anywhere else.

How To Complete The Air Armored Vehicle RP Mission?

To complete the Airdrop Armored Vehicle mission in the RP mission, one has to use the following steps:

  • Step 1: Get the flare gun and use it outside the circle to get the airdrop armored vehicle(BRDM-2)
  • Step 2: While traveling in the armored vehicle, keep one or two fuel tanks to refill the vehicle.
  • Step 3: Travel a total of 3200 m in the BRDM-2  to complete the mission.

After completing these steps the RP rank mission of the Airdrop Aromed vehicle will be completed.

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