5 Worst Guns in BGMI: Explained And Reasons Why Should Not Pick Them

BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) is all about killing and for this you need guns. BGMI is not always about surviving, there are situations where players have to take down enemies. And for this, you must choose the most optimized gun.

BGMI offers a wide range of guns in various modes. Here is the list of the top 5 guns you should avoid picking up. If you don’t have any options left then you must use it, but one must avoid these guns to continue the whole game.

Worst Guns in BGMI And Why Players Hate It

5. VSS 

VSS comes under the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) category and uses low-caliber ammo. It dealt less damage as compared to other DMRs. Bullets drop while using it for long-range making it undesirable to pick up by players. It has an inbuilt 4x scope, which cannot be replaced, which is not admirable by most players.

4. PP Bizon

PP Bizon is an SMG (Submachine Gun) and it uses 9mm bullets. The damage of this gun is very low and so is the range. Though it has 47 bullets once reloaded, hit damage of 34 makes it too difficult to penetrate the enemy’s armors. Low range and less accuracy make it count in the worst guns in BGMI.

3. Win 94

Win 94 is named after Winchester Model 1894, a bolt action sniper gun. It can only be found in the Miramar Map. As it cannot be equipped with any scope makes it the most ineffective sniper in BGMI.

2. R-45

Another Miramar exclusive gun is the R45 revolver. So the R45 uses 0.45mm ammunition. There are many pistols in the game but this comes under ineffective segment because of its slower rate of fire and rounds per magazine.

1. Sawed-Off

Sawed-Off is a pistol or shotgun we will never know. But it comes under the category of a pistol in BGMI. It has the lowest damage among all shotguns, with only 2 rounds per magazine. Low ranged gun, which takes up to 4 seconds to reload. Because of so many cons, this gun has been ranked on the top of the worst guns to be used in BGMI.

So these are the worst gun to be used in BGMI so far. There are also many guns that are not preferred by many players. But these are considered the worst among all guns.

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