5 Reasons Why BGMI Players Fail in Solo vs Squad Situations

The most played mode in BGMI is the squad mode because the fun of multiplayer games is the teammates. Making strategies, support, reviving these are the factors that make squad mode so popular. But few players in BGMI like to play solo vs squad mode (can be said lone wolf) as they enjoy taking down the whole squad alone.

Many Youtubers have hyped Solo vs Squad because these situations bring the best out of them and entertain most players while watching. These situations utilize their skills, reflexes, and overall gameplay. But many players make these common mistakes while handling solo vs squad moments.

Top 5 mistakes BGMI players make in Solo vs Squad

1. Choosing Hot Drop

The most common mistake in Solo vs Squad is choosing hot drop. Hot Drop is a location where most of the squad prefer to land and loot. Selecting such a landing location becomes a nightmare to get out of it. In most cases, solo players get stuck between two squads and finally get killed.

Prefer to choose remote location where few or no squad lands so that you can loot first and then get ready to take fights.

2. Weapon Selection

Weapon Selection is as important as surviving because taking down the whole squad needs the best weapon selection. Each player prefers different weapon combinations, but the most important factor is to select a weapon with lots of bullets or a weapon with high damage.

Having lots of bullets help in taking down the whole squad easily and reduces the stress of reloading quickly as M249 or MG3 (both are light machine guns and have more than enough bullets to take a whole squad in single spray) whereas weapons with high damage help in taking down enemies with fewer bullets.

3. Fights in Open

Taking a fight in open is always risky. Whether you play in the squad or in solo vs squad open fights are always disadvantageous. Open fight results in being killed in a third-party fight, don’t have enough cover, and always getting stuck in changing positions from open.

4. Drop Hunting

Looking for drops after hearing the plane sound is also the most common mistake players do while playing solo vs squad. Drops are the essence of the game as they carry deadly weapons like AWM, MK-14, Groza, etc. These weapons thus help to take down enemies much easier. But hunting drop every time might get you killed.

Prefer to hunt drops after 3rd zone or after looking at players alive because fewer players alive means fewer players will go after drops. Going after drops that lands at the far locations is best thing in solo vs squad situations.

5. Carry Throwables

Many players must think about how carrying throwables benefit us in solo vs squad combat. Here is the reason, because carrying ample amount of throwables helps in situation like: throwing grenades to kill more members at once. Using smoke and push is most important while pushing in solo vs squad situations. Smoking the area to move into zone out to reach any vehicle.

Other Factors

  • Misfire – Misfire in-game results in knowing your exact position to enemies and it helps enemies to hunt and smack anyone down much easier.
  • Vehicle Selection – Choosing the right vehicle is also crucial in solo vs squad, as an open jeep and bike make an easier target to take solo person. Prefer to use buggy as fewer bullets get into contact from behind.
  • Postion Holding – Taking the right postion and moving into a safe zone gives you the advantage to take enemies down coming from the blue zone.

These are a few mistakes and tips to improve anyone’s Solo vs Squad combats much easily and efficiently.

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