5 Best Guns In Apex Legends Mobile: Detailed Stats Analysis

The most awaited online battle royale Apex Legends mobile has been launched a few weeks ago. As this mobile version is quite similar to the PC version, most functions are hard to master. The guns are an attractive part of this mobile version.

There is a variety of guns in this Apex Legends mobile which is complex to use and hard to master. Here are the best 5 guns in Apex Legends Mobile to turn tables in any battle.

Top 5 Guns In Apex Legends Mobile 

5. VK 47 Flatline

While talking about the Assault Rifles(AR), the VK 47 Flatline has all capabilities which made it one of the best AR in medium-range battle. This gun can be easily found around the map in the game. The VK 47 is a boon for the beginners who just started playing Apex Legends Mobile.

We can face a little bullet drop but the accuracy which it provides is far better than any other ARs in the game.

  • Damage: 19 HP
  • Fire Rate: 600
  • DPS: 190
  • Base Ammo: 24
  • Range: 461

4. Volt SMG

Volt SMG is far ahead of the other SMGs in the Apex Legends mobile version. It has the lowest recoil among all SMGs which made it more reliable for the players to combat. The clear iron sight of Volt SMG provides better aiming even without a specific scope.

When it comes to mid-range combat, a player should go for Volt SMG most of the time. As with any other SMG, its damage is moreover excellent.

  • Damage: 16 HP
  • Fire Rate: 630
  • DPS: 168
  • Base Ammo: 23 
  • Range: 290

3. M600 Spitfire LMG

Light machine guns are one of the favorite guns of players and M600 LMG is the perfect definition of LMGs. Enormous fire rate along with high mag capacity turn this LMG into a beast in both close and mid-range combat.

As with many LMGs, it has a high recoil but using it for mid-range covers up its disadvantage. M600 Spitfire can only be found in drops but maybe it can change in further updates.

  • Damage: 18
  • Fire Rate: 540
  • DPS: 162
  • Base Ammo: 40
  • Range: 457

2. Peacekeeper Shotgun

Despite other battle royals, the shotgun is one of the most powerful weapons in Apex Legends Mobile. In terms of close-range combat, the Peacekeeper is the deadliest weapon. Its high damage and less bullet spread make it more dangerous.

The Peacekeeper is only found in the airdrops so it’s difficult for players to attain and master it.

  • Damage: 110 HP
  • Fire Rate: 78
  • DPS: 135
  • Base Ammo: 8
  • Range: 128

1. Kraber 50 Cal Sniper 

When it comes to snipers no other gun in the game comes closer to the Kraber 50 Cal sniper. It is the deadliest weapon in the game giving an advantage to players to knock out the enemies with one headshot.

It is also an airdrop weapon so it’s quite difficult to find and use this beast in combats. The Kraber has a low fire rate but you have to overcome that while using a sniper.

  • Damage: 145 HP
  • Fire Rate: 29
  • DPS: 70
  • Base Ammo: 5
  • Range: 980

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