NBA Fans On Twitter Reacts To 37-Years Old LeBron James’ New Record After His 50 Points Game Against Washington Wizards

Despite being 37-years old, it looks like LeBron James is in no mood to stop his domination in NBA as he once again scored 50 points. Finally, after consecutive losses, James’ 50 points against the Wizards helped the Lakers to claim them a victory.

With these 50-points, LeBron has now achieved new milestones as this was his 2 50-points game in his last 3 games. Earlier, he smashed 56-points against Golden State Warriors.

LeBron James With A New Milestone With His 50 Points Against Washington Wizards

Lakers broke the losing streak of 2 games against the Washington Wizards. The final scoreline was 122-109 where LeBron James scored 50 points. James also had 6 assist and 7 rebounds in his bag.

These 50-points made LeBron the first player in NBA history with multiple 50-point games after turning 35. However, this is not the only thing that LeBron achieved. Only two players in NBA history have dropped 50 points in three different decades:

  • Michael Jordan: 80s, 90s, 00s
  • LeBron James: 00s, 10s, 20s

Here’s another interesting fact:

Players to record a 50 pt game on 50/40/90% efficiency at age under 21 or over 35: 1.

  • LeBron James (03/20/05)
  • LeBron James (12/10/05)
  • LeBron James (03/05/22)
  • LeBron James (03/11/22)

Interestingly, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James combined for 55 points in the game. Earlier, they combined for 76 against the Warriors.

Fans didn’t hold back anything and they were all appreciative for LeBron.So, let’s have a look on some of the Tweets:

Even the official Lakers page came for the appreciation

Huge claim!

Is LeBron the GOAT?

Yes, LeBron is surely made different.

Big three of NBA?

He is!

All fire

They say, age is a number.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Washington Wizards

Los Angeles Lakers claimed their 29th victory of the season against the Wizards and all thanks to LeBron James. However, the result is not enough for the Lakers to keep their title hopes alive as they’re still 9th with .439.

On the other hand, the Wizards are 11th in Eastern Conference and the play-offs spot seems a file away from them.

However, if LeBron keeps on scoring such huge points, it won’t be a difficult task for the Lakers to finish in the top 8.

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