100 Thieves Troll Themselves On Twitter After Winning Their Last Game At VCT NA Challengers 2022

100 Thieves Troll: Finally, after making so many changes in roster and ups and down, 100 Thieves bagged their first win at Valorant Champions Tour NA Challengers. 100T defeated Evil Geniuses in the last match to not finish in the last position in the table.

However, the win was not enough for 100T as they’re already out of the tournament and not qualified for the main event. 100 Thieves finished 5th in their group and a top 4 finish was required to continue their journey.

Interestingly, after the win, 100 Thieves posted a meme on their Twitter handle to celebrate the victory. Let’s have a look at it.

100 Thieves Post A Meme After The Victory To Troll

The American organization tries its best to keep its fans entertained. Even if the matches were not going in their favor, the admin of 100T Twitter handle was entertaining us all.

Earlier, a Tweet was made trolling the Undercity bundle of Valorant which fans compared to Glitcpop 2.0 and it was likely so.

And now, after the victory, we have another troll meme from the 100 Thieves’ admin. Let’s have a look:

However, the funnier part comes here:

Evil Geniuses took their Twitter to reply to the post and surely it made the day for their fans. Evil Geniuses finished on the bottom position in the group stages.

100T vs Evil Geniuses

It was more of a consolation match for both the teams as they were already eliminated from the tournament.

100 Thieves valorant roster
Image Source: 100 Thieves Twitter Handle

After making 2 changes in the middle of the tournament, 100 thieves played its 3 games after that. And it somehow worked for them.

100 Thieves crushed EG by 2-0, where jcStani bagged the highest number of frags; 41. Ethan and Asuna had 38 and 37 respectively, whereas Hiko managed to get 32 frags.

The first map was played on Breeze where 100T managed to get that important win in a close encounter. 100T won the first map by 13-11.

The second map was a 100T pick, and it went into Overtime, where 100 Thieves claimed that victory on 14-12.

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