100 Thieves Eliminated From VCT After Losing 4 Games Consecutively in Group Stages

100 Thieves have been eliminated from VCT NA Challengers after losing four consecutive games in the tournament. 100 thieves left their millions of fans heartbroken with their ongoing performance in the tournament. Especially in their 2nd match against The Guard, they lost their momentum and confidence after losing to a scoreline of 13-0 on the map of Ascent. 

Yesterday’s match was too heartbreaking for the 100 thieves fans as they end up losing 2-1 to XSET with another bad performance in the game.100 thieves announced officially on Twitter after losing to XSET that they have been eliminated from the tournament. The NA based will play their one last match of the tournament on March 13th, 2022 against Evil Geniuses.

What went wrong which resulted in the downfall of 100 Thieves?

After the recent roster change, the hopes of 100 thieves fans were high to get a good outcome out of their roster. The first match of the tournament was 100 thieves vs cloud 9 on which 100 thieves, unfortunately, lost with a heartbreaking scoreline of 2-0.

While in the second match of the tournament against The Guard, 100 Thieves managed to secure their win on the second map of the split with a whopping scoreline of 13-6. But the match was not done yet. The Guard comeback in the match by registering a historic scoreline of 13-0 on the map of ascent.

After losing to the one-sided domination of The Guard, 100 Thieves were completely broke and this lead them to change their roster again by removing BabyJ and Ec1s. But the outcome was not so worthy for 100 Thieves as they end up losing their 3rd match of the tournament against Luminosity with a scoreline of 2-1.

This led to a complete momentum break for the team of 100 thieves. As the fourth match went not too wise for 100 thieves as they got defeated by XSET with a scoreline of 2-1, And lost all their hopes to qualify for masters.

Reactions of the Valorant Professionals

  1. Geo casts trolled 100 Thieves for changing their roster consecutively and not being able to win VCT NA playoffs.

Valorant streamer Tarik reacted to the round where 100 Thieves Asuna whiffed an operator shot against team XSET in the breeze which was too shocking for Tarik. Watch the clip down below.

Famous Valorant leaker also dropped his views on the loss.

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